lenny-3-1119Meet Lenny. Lenny is a very sweet 11 month old puppy. He is a well rounded pup who is friendly to all people and dogs he has met. Lenny is also a very smart boy. Lenny loves playtime and loves for you to throw him a tennis ball out in the yard. He will bring it back to you most of the time if he does not get distracted. Lenny also loves to eat and adores treats! He will happily sit on command for his “cookies”. (all treats are known as “cookies” to him).  He also loves the sweetness of bananas and takes small pieces ever so gently from your hand as he does all treats. Lenny also loves affection and being loved on. He loves to rest near you and snuggle up and tries to share his foster mom’s pillow by resting his head on it too.  Lenny and his brother, Mickey (see our website) were saved from the City Shelter when they were both very young and sick with a respiratory infection. It is very difficult for a young puppy to survive in a public shelter due to their young and immature immune system, as well as the stressors of shelter life. Lenny is now a very healthy, beautiful pup. He has a very shiny black coat with beautiful white markings. Lenny enjoys his playtime with you and/or other dogs but also enjoys hopping up on the bed and taking a peaceful nap besides you. Lenny will sleep all night with you or in a kennel. Lenny and his brother, Mickey have always been together. They have played, ate, and slept together on a daily basis. In a perfect scenario, they would also be adopted together. However, we know that for most people, adopting two pups at one time may be too much to handle. We would consider an experienced adopter if interested in both. They are still very young and feel if in the right home surrounded by love and attention, will still do very well if they must be apart.They do occupy each other and they love one another’s company, so they are rarely bored. They play wonderful together. We will take all applications into careful consideration. Lenny enjoys chest and belly rubs, adores treats, toys, rooting around the yard, playing fetch, playtime and other dogs. We think Lenny will remain a medium sized dog (60 pounds or under). He is a Lab mix with possibly some Pitty mix. We also believe he is mixed with a smaller breed dog due to his smaller build and smaller features. He is not very tall. He is currently 57 pounds and is 11 months old and just about full grown.  For the latest video of Lenny and Mickey see our Adoptables page. The very first step is completing an application prior to a meet and greet. Please see our Adopt and About tabs on our website to learn about our Adoption process. You will not be contacted until we receive an application. Please take time to read our About us section. Note: Vet reference and ID must match.



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