Thank You for your interest in fostering. Without loving foster homes, we cannot exist as a rescue group. We thank you in advance.

To foster a pet, please fill out the foster/volunteer application. Southern Treasures Animal Rescue pays for all veterinary and medical costs. You as the foster, provide a loving home and a safe place while the pet is awaiting adoption. Food can be provided if needed. 

To Foster one of our animals, we require a Vet reference, a visit to your home where our rescue will temporarily stay and a commitment to foster until the right adoptive family is found. We do not ship our animals up North. All adoptions must be within a few hours driving distance. This is for the safety of our rescued animals. Therefore, our rescues typically remain with our Rescue for a  longer period prior to adoption.

Southern Treasures Animal Rescue cannot approve foster homes where the animal would solely reside outside. We seek foster homes where a rescued pup or dog will begin to learn how to live inside a home & among a loving human. We strive to improve the lives & futures of our rescued animals.


Email Address:

Phone Number:

Street Address:


Age (must be 21 or older to adopt):

Do you have children? If applicable, please provide their ages.

Do you have other pets? Ages?

If applicable, do they they get along with other dogs?

If applicable, are they spayed/neutered?

Name of Vet & their phone number for reference

Why would you like to foster a pet? Fostering a pet until adoption may take weeks or months. Please indicate the amount of time that you may be able to commit to fostering a pet