The Little Brown Dog

One morning, on my way to work, I stopped at a fast food chain for a cup of coffee. While sitting in the drive-thru, I noticed a young little brown dog. He was almost in the drive thru lane, as if, to capture one’s attention.
I had just recently relocated to the area, and had already been told that folks around town allow their dogs to roam and go off leash all the time. This was “just the way it is”. I wondered to myself, was this really the case? There was a neighborhood directly behind the fast food location. I bought some extra food, pulled on the side, and fed him in the event that he didn’t belong to anyone.
The next morning, I stopped at the same location, saw him, and fed him again. I asked myself, “Could this really be someone’s dog?” As I drove home, it really bothered me. It crossed my mind what everyone tends to think and say. Where would I take him if I rescue him? His days will surely be numbered if I take him to the shelter. Do I have enough money to care for him? Is he contagious with any kind of mange or illness if I bring him home with my other dogs?
By the next day, I had allowed for enough time for his potential owners to search for him, and hoped they had taken him home. I had made up my mind that his safety was at risk, and he surely must be rescued if he is still alone. I drove up to the same fast food place and began to look for him. I did not see him anywhere. I pulled up to the drive up window to inquire if any of the employees had seen the little brown dog that was hanging around the last few days.  A young lady responded, “He got hit by a car early this morning and was lying dead in the street when I arrived for work.” I was too late, heartbroken, and will never forget him. To all the dogs like him, let us never forget. Let us not turn away. Please God, help us to help them…
Rascal 2

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By signing the contract below, the adopter understands and agrees to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  • I will provide adequate fresh food, water and comfortable living conditions for this pet.
  • I will not tether this pet. 
  • I agree to keep this pet free from fleas and ticks.
  • I agree to never abandon or leave this pet at any animal shelter. 
  • I understand and agree to notify STAR if this pet is no longer wanted. I also understand that I cannot re home this pet to ANYONE, and that the pet must be returned to STAR. NO exceptions. (cannot re home to family members, friends, relatives, etc) Ownership reverts back to STAR. Applicants then may apply through STAR. 
  • I will provide medical care as needed for this pet.
  • I understand that immediate medical care may have been provided for this pet and that future medical treatment may be necessary and may need to be continued.The adopter understands he/she is fully responsible for continuing medical treatment at the adopters expense.
  • I understand that I must bring my new pet for a VET check within 3 weeks of adopting to establish the continuing prescription of a heartworm preventative. This is at the adopters expense. If a medical condition is diagnosed at this time within 3 weeks of adopting, and adopter is unwilling to pay for and treat, adopter agrees to surrender the pet back to STAR. Furthermore. STAR accepts our animals back anytime, regardless of any time frame.
  • I understand that i may need to house train this pet and that patience will be expressed.
  • I understand that many rescued animals may have had a past life of neglect, abuse, and abandonment. Therefore, this pet should be provided patience and love in caring for my new pet. 
  • I understand that STAR cannot guarantee the final adult size, weight, health, and temperament of the pet. STAR makes every effort to learn about the animals’ temperament and health while in our foster care. 
  • I understand that monthly heartworm prevention/medicine is necessary to keep this pet in the best health possible, 
  • I agree that my Vet will be called for a reference and that an initial home visit will take place before the pet can be adopted. An adoption will not take place if the situation would not be a good match for either the pet or the adopter/s. STAR reserves the right for final determination. 
  • I understand that STAR cannot be held liable for any future incidents and/or damages related to this pet in any way.


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