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Meet Sammy

UPDATE: Adopted!

Sammy is a Black Lab/Border Collie mix and is approximately under a year and a half old. Sammy was rescued from a very high kill shelter and was rescued in the nick of time. At the time of Sammy’s rescue, Sammy was very thin and starving. It is likely that Sammy spent most of his entire young life on the streets, never knowing the comforts of a home or an owner. He was also a bit shy and would exhibit submissive urination when approached. However, since Sammy’s rescue, those days are long gone!

Sammy is now a very happy, friendly and healthy boy! Sammy is still young and flourished quickly once safe in rescue. Sammy wakes up every morning as if it were Christmas every day! Sammy is full grown and weighs 59 pounds. Sammy is an active boy and loves to play. Sammy loves attention and loves to be anywhere that you are. Sammy loves his playtime in the yard and will run and play with his toys but when his foster mom goes inside, he is ready to follow. Sammy will need a fenced in yard but an owner who will keep Sammy indoors when away or at work. Sammy is comforted by the safety and security of being inside when you are away.

Sammy is a very affectionate and lovable boy. Sammy is both house trained and kennel trained. Sammy also now knows the commands sit, come, and go pee pee. Sammy enjoys his playtime and at moments can play with such exuberance, he may be too rough for a very small dog or small child. Sammy is at times, still a puppy at heart and gets very excited during play. In addition, Sammy also loves lying quietly with you as you watch TV or just enjoying quiet times being pet. Sammy will play if you are ready or chill and relax just as easy. Sammy also likes to quietly hang out in the kitchen as you cook. Sammy enjoys healthy snacks such as bananas and baby carrots even broccoli!

Sammy is a beautiful boy and sports a shiny black coat with white paws and white markings on his chest. His tail is black with white on the very tip. Even though Sammy is very well behaved during car rides, the car rides tend to upset his tummy. There are safe meds that Sammy can take if he needs to travel. Sammy recently got to enjoy his first Christmas when his foster mom took him with her to a family members home. Sammy enjoyed all the attention from family members and friends. He was well behaved during the hour and a half drive there. Please note: Sammy would chase cats, so a home without cats would be best. Sammy would not intend to hurt them, but would be excited to chase them! Sammy will make an excellent companion. Sammy is also microchipped!

If you think you would be a great match for Sammy and would like to meet him, please fill out this application and we will be happy to give you a call!

Vet reference and home visit required.
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Meet Girl

UPDATE: Adopted!

Girl is a very sweet 5 year old Lab/Golden Retriever mix with a beautiful red coat. Girl is an absolute treasure and has the typical Golden Retriever temperament. Girl is very friendly, gentle, loyal and most of all, VERY affectionate! One of Girl’s favorite activities is just sitting next to you and being hugged and pet.

Girl also loves a daily walk. She gets very excited and happy when she sees her leash come out! Girl also enjoys the company of other dogs as long as they are not overly rough. She does enjoy playing with them. Girl also loves toys and has the “soft mouth” of a typical Golden and does not destroy them.

Girl is laid back and a VERY well behaved dog. Girl is both house trained and kennel trained, however, kenneling her is not necessary. Girl is excellent in the house and never destructive.
Girl also rides well in the car and always ready to hop in with you when invited. Girl also knows some commands, such as sit and will give you her paw upon request.

Girl is truly a GEM of a dog and will surely make an excellent companion. Girl would be happiest in a home where she would be given lots of affection that this loving girl is so fond of.

Girl is up to date on vaccines, healthy and micro chipped. Girl weighs 61 pounds and is also house trained.

If interested, please fill out this application so we can gladly give you a call to set up a meet and greet! Home visit and Vet ref required.

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