Thank You for considering adopting a rescue dog!

When STAR initially rescues a dog  minimum costs for each dog to have a veterinary check including spay/neuter surgery; a 5 in 1 vaccination, a rabies vaccine, heartworm tested, a  bordetella vaccine, dewormed, placed on a monthly heartworm preventative medicine, flea prevention medication, grooming requirements and microchipping costs us well over $500. This does not include any first aid needs and supplies. The above cost is only the bare minimum that covers any rescue that is considered relatively healthy. It does not cover the additional costs of veterinary care for a sick or injured rescue dog (this case is substantially more). Also, daily care and food must be provided that is not included in the above initial cost. In addition, some rescues remain in our care for months waiting for a home that is best suited for them. To continue our efforts in rescue & re-homing dogs, we try to keep the adoption fee as low as possible so that adoption is reachable for everyone. STAR only requires a minimal adoption fee to recover a very small portion of the costs incurred for each dog, so that we can survive as a Rescue. The adoption fee is $200.  If you are considering meeting & adopting one of our dogs, please fill out the form below as thoroughly as possible. If you no longer have any pets, please provide the names of your previous pets and past Vet clinic used. Applications not completely filled out will not be considered. Our About Tab will inform you of our Adoption process. Thank you!


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