About Us

georgie30Southern Treasures Animal Rescue (STAR) is a non-profit organization located in Mobile, Alabama. STAR consists of a small group of volunteers who have a desire and passion to end the suffering of homeless and unwanted dogs. STAR is not a breed specific Rescue. We rescue all shapes, sizes, breeds & mixed breed dogs and puppies in need.

We are a 100% volunteer crew. There are no paid members. There is no primary shelter. Instead, rescued dogs are placed in private foster homes while awaiting adoption. Foster homes are needed in order to place a newly rescued animal under our care. STAR operates off of our own donated funds and any donations received from the public. STAR does not receive any government funding. We are a limited intake organization due to space and funds. All animals in our organization receive excellent care and begin house training before they leave us.

After we receive an application that has a high potential for a match for one of our dogs, we will call your Vet reference you have provided on your application. We will then contact you by phone to discuss the pet you are interested in. During this initial conversation, we encourage you to ask any and all questions about the pet you are interested in meeting. We also will set up a time for a meet & greet!  We will come out to your home at a time best for you & your family. During this visit, we will bring the dog you are interested in meeting. This time also allows the opportunity to evaluate compatibility of your current pets to a possible new family member. We also will complete a backyard check to assure the safety & security of our dogs. A secure fenced in yard is required for most of our dogs. Our Adoptions are never done in haste & as a result, you will benefit in adopting a pet best suited for your home & lifestyle.  After the visit, time is given (typically a day or two) for both the potential adopter & our Rescue to determine compatibility and if the home would be a good match. This time also allows potential adopters a day to gather and prepare the home with any necessary items needed, such as food, a crate, etc.  We reserve the right for the final determination of the placement of our dogs. After an adoption takes place, we remain committed to our animals. We welcome adopters to reach out to us for any questions, advice or concerns. Southern Treasures Animal Rescue always takes our dogs back in the event the dog is no longer wanted.  Note: Adopters Vet reference must match ID. A satisfactory Vet reference is required.

In the southern United States, every day, healthy and loving animals are euthanized in public shelters simply due to overcrowding and the lack of kennel space. There are many animals that are dropped off to shelters by their owners simply because they were no longer wanted. There are also the poor souls that are simply abandoned in the streets and left to fend for themselves and forgotten. These animals suffer hunger, thirst, loneliness, and pain from new and untreated wounds. They also must endure the suffering of natural elements including harsh heat, cold, and torrential downpours.

There are some very dedicated and hard working “no kill” animal rescue groups in the South that work tirelessly in the effort to rescue and re-home unwanted animals. However, these groups have to deal with financial limitations while still remaining at or close to full capacity. There are never enough available rescue shelters, foster homes, or financial means necessary to take in all animals in need.

It is heartbreaking for us to see so many needy animals. Even if we cannot save them all, we will save the ones that we can. Even if it means continuing our efforts one by one…

Maryann Moreland