Meet Mickey. Mickey is a very sweet natured and happy 15 month old dog. We call him the “baby” of the bunch because he is just as sweet and innocent as a baby. For example, if his toy is in a place where he cannot reach, he will just lightly whine in hopes of someone getting it for him. Mickey loves affection and being  loved on.  Mickey is a well rounded dog who is friendly to all people and all dogs he has met. He loves to play with other dogs and loves his toys. Mickey tends to be the more submissive dog when among others. Mickey loves to eat and adores his treats! All treats are known as “cookies” to him. Mickey will happily sit on command for his “cookies”. He also loves the sweetness of bananas and takes small pieces ever so gently from your hand as he does all treats. Mickey and his brother, Lenny were saved from the City Shelter when they were both very young and sick with a respiratory infection as well as malnourished.  It is very difficult for young puppies to survive in a shelter due to their young and immature immune systems as well as the stressors of shelter life. Mickey is now a very healthy and beautiful pup. His coat is black and shiny with beautiful white markings. Mickey loves playtime but he also enjoys hopping up on the bed and will nap besides you. Mickey will sleep all night with you or in a kennel. Mickey and his brother, Lenny (see our website) have always been together. They have played, ate, and slept together on a daily basis. In a perfect scenario, they would also be adopted together. However, we know that for most people adopting two pups together may be too much to handle. We would consider an experienced adopter if interested in both. They are still young and feel if in the right home with proper attention and love, will still do very well if they must be apart. They do occupy each other and they love one another’s company, so they are never bored. They play wonderful together. We will take all applications into careful consideration. Mickey enjoys chest and belly rubs, adores treats, toys, rooting around the yard, playtime and playing with other dogs. He is currently 67 pounds and is 15 months old and full grown. Mickey has the most beautiful eyes (which appear Hazel in color in the sunlight). Mickey is one sweet angel. For latest video of Mickey & Lenny all grown up now, see our Adoptables page. The very first  step is completing an application and prior to a meet and greet. Please see our Adopt and About Tabs on our website to learn about our Adoption process. You will not be contacted unless we receive an application.  All of our dogs have been fully vetted. Please note, Vet reference must match ID.

Update: Mickey & Lenny must remain together. They are bonded brothers. Both Mickey & Lenny are the sweetest young lovable dogs. The brothers have never been apart. They survived in the city shelter together as young, fragile, sick, malnourished puppies prior to their rescue and have grown up to be the most gorgeous boys, with glossy rich black & white coats. They would be the perfect addition  for someone or family looking to add two dogs to complete their family that are already bonded and get along. Mickey & Lenny love one another’s company and are so happy together. They are side by side during play & sleep. If one gets inside before the other, he will look and wait at the door for his brother. Both know a few commands such as sit, down & come. Neither are excessive barkers, BUT will alert you if they hear someone at or around the door. The pair would bring someone’s home much joy, for these boys are always happy, loving & playful. They are mixed breed boys with American Staffordshire Terrier/Hound mix. And yes, use their noses a lot!


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